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Usefull Blacksmith and Metal Work Links

Some Useful Web Sites and Forums. The forums are well worth Subscribing to
if your interest is in that field. If you would like me to put up a link,
drop me an Email.

The metalwebnews link has several Blacksmithing Books
in pdf format that were on an English site and have since
been moved. Well worth the downloading as a resource.

I also have a .PDF copy of The Modern Blacksmith
- By Alexander G. Weygers. I will upload it to my server
when i get time and link it.

Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria) Incorporated. (will open in a new page)
Another Good Blacksmith Book on The A.B.A.,VIC. Site

Australian Blacksmiths Association (Queensland) Unregistered. (will open in a new page)
temporary home (for the newly started, Qld Blacksmith Group)

Hobbies (will open in a new page)
Hobby website

Blacksmiths Association of Western Australia (B.A.W.A.) (will open in a new page)

The A.B.A.Vic. Tree Project (will open in a new page)

An association for accredited and unaccredited Farriers & Blacksmiths (will open in a new page)

Aussie 9X20 Owners (will open in new page)
An Aussie Machining and Metal Groups. everything from casting to machining. Very smart blokes with good advice. (will open in new page)
U.S. Based Blacksmith Forum with chat. You wanna know something, you can learn it here. (will open in new page)
Knife Forum. excellent resource.

Ausblade (will open in new page)
Knife Forum. excellent resource. (will open in new page) (will open in new page)

Blacksmiths-Australia (will open in a new page) Forums (will open in a new page)

Blacksmiths-Australia Temporary Free Java Chat

On line, old book, Forging and Welding

Traditional Iron A Brisbane based Blacksmithing site. (will open in new page)

Another U.S. Based Blacksmithing Site/Forum. (will open in new page)
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